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(3-Day Live Virtual Event: Join Us in 2022)

Build A Customized Game
Plan To Skyrocket Your Freelance Business in 2022

Build A Customized Game
Plan To Skyrocket Your Freelance Business in 2022

Here's what you'll experience at this event -
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MEET CLIENTS - Over $500,000 in copywriting contracts secured to date!

MAKE CONNECTIONS with the like-minded, action-taking freelancers and marketers

LEARN WITH THE BEST Industry rockstars teaching never-before-seen tactics and strategies

CUSTOMIZE YOUR PLAN with working pro peer coaches to help you implement your plan in real time

And join one helluva party!

The best of everything we do in our high-level freelancer coaching programs…

Condensed into a 3-day coaching event that gives you everything you need to kick serious ass in 2022.

The market for creative freelancing talent has never been hotter. Recent events have forced all companies to embrace remote work – bringing in skilled freelancers has been a big part of their success stories. 

Freelancers who understand how to work well remotely, negotiate top pay, and position themselves as respected experts will remain in the driver’s seat in 2022. 

However, the freelance market is more crowded than ever. Highly skilled workers who were once content to grow with one company now realize their best income and lifestyle opportunities are as in-demand freelancers. 

The race is on for every freelancer to choose a clear specialty and establish themselves as a premiere expert in their field. 

2022 will be the year we see the gap widen between freelancers with a confident game plan for attracting premium projects with 5-Star clients, and those who continue to “wing it” and hope for the best.  


This event is not another virtual summit where you’re sitting on Zoom, listening to experts talk about their tactics, and walking away with little more than a stack full of notes to go at the bottom of your to-do pile…

Copy Chief Virtual Live is a fully interactive workshop where you’re putting what you learn into action in your own business in REAL TIME – all with the personal help of expert coaches and the innovative superstars of their craft. 

During this event we’ll work together to create your custom 2022 Freelancing Transformation Playbook, with hands-on coaching from the expert presenters themselves, and a team of our co-coaches and our most successful members and students. 

This is everything you need to truly discover and OWN your expertise…

Get hired by high-level clients at great rates…

Develop (and sell) your own offers…
And build a freelance career that works for YOU instead of the other way around.

During this interactive event, you will:  

  • Learn from the world’s best marketing and business leaders, such as Mike Michalowicz, Parris Lampropoulus, Selena Soo, Ryan Lee, Laura Belgray, Casey Stanton, Dean Jackson, and more.
  • Connect with high-level CMOs, CEOs, publishers, agencies, and business owners ready to hire creative marketers and freelancers like you RIGHT NOW. 
  • ​Bond with like-minded freelancers looking to build a robust network of peers to learn from, inspire each other, and support one another's businesses throughout their careers. 
  • ​​Workshop directly with our expert speakers and seasoned coaches to implement everything you learn in your own business right away.
  • Customize your plan and get everything you need to feel confident that you can completely kick ass in your career going into 2022. 




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$ 497

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“Kevin always brings together the best people...

I’ve been to A LOT of events over the years. And when I heard about Kevin’s event, I knew I had to be there. So many incredible speakers and great ideas. 
If you get a chance to attend, don’t miss it.”

Kim Krause Schwalm,
A-List Copywriter

“They gave me a job offer before Copy Chief Live even started...

They gave me a quick spec assignment on the spot and a little pitch about their company. I’m super excited. It’s a great company. And it’s all thanks to Kevin and the client connections at this event”

Derek Bouthilette,
Freelance Copywriter

“If you’re a copywriter and you’re not here… what are you doing??

This event is insane. The speakers are incredible. Not to mention meeting high-level copywriters and people who are looking for copywriters like myself!”

Dan Ludgater,
Freelance Copywriter


just another virtual event...

When the unpredictability of this year once again took away our ability to gather in person, my team and I vowed to put our full energy into creating a virtual event that will have a massive impact on every single person who attends. 

For us that means compiling everything we do to help freelancers in our small group coaching programs to raise their standards, level up their games, and step forward into the next phase of their freelancing journey. We help them take their careers to where the money is better, the stress melts away, and personal fulfillment goes through the roof. 

To be clear, guiding you to this new reality is not a theory, or a “marketing hook”… it’s a fact of life for the freelancers we work with every day. (You’ll meet them and interact with them during this event.)

A year goes by fast… I want to spend 3 days with you in November creating your
personal game plan for making 2022 the richest and most fulfilling of your career.   

We reviewed everything the freelancers in our programs are doing to grow their businesses… dissected what is working best… identified what is consistently not working… and revealed the three biggest levers that eliminate headaches, increase confidence, and boost revenue in the modern world of competitive digital freelancing. 

The 3 Levers are…

We’ve condensed each of these 3 Levers down to their most impactful and actionable methods to help you bring prestige, presence, and premium projects to your business. Over these 3 days we’re going to present them to you, step-by-step, in an interactive workshop where you’ll actively apply them to your business in real time. 

We’re going to create your custom 2022 Freelancing Transformation Playbook together, with hands-on coaching from the expert presenters themselves, a team of my best co-coaches, and our most successful members and students. 

Don’t think of this as an “online event”, think of this as an intensive workshop where you will create the exact, custom game plan for kicking serious ass in 2022. 

Even better…

This the ultimate event for connecting with GREAT CLIENTS. 

We’re scheduling multiple “client connection” sessions where you’ll meet face-to-face with CMOs, CEOs, Publishers and Agency owners who are ready to hire right now. 

Early November is the perfect time to get your business plan together for 2022. That way you can go into the holidays, relaxed and confident knowing you’re going to hit the ground running on January 1st.

How great will it be to look all your relatives in the eye and say:
“Next year is going to be off the charts good for my business” 
and mean it? 

I've been going to marketing, tech and industry-specific conferences since 2008, and this one truly has the special sauce.

- Chelsea O'Brien
Copy Chief Live revealed killer insights on the macro level down to the micro level.

- Zachary Romero

This isn’t a room full of people bragging about how much they make. Or how badly they're crushing it. It’s a bunch of genuine people getting together to learn, connect, and have some fun

- Brian McCarthy





What makes our speakers lineup special is it’s not a parade of “keynotes” droning on at you. These are the top revenue-producers in the industry sharing the “real work” lessons they’ve learned throughout their seasoned careers. 

You’ll learn deep and actionable insider tactics that move the needle on conversions and propel your business to the next level – many of which have NEVER been shared publicly before!

Plus, they reveal inner-game mindset tactics that keep your business working for you. It’s not just theory… our speakers use the tactics they’re teaching, and we use their strategies to market Copy Chief. 

You won’t just see it on slides… we’ll show you the nitty gritty details of how it works in the real world, numbers and all.

Have Damian Lanfranchi Optimize Your Facebook Advertising
Have all your Facebook Ads optimized for sales and profits.
Damian Lanfranchi, COO of MFA, oversees all of Todd's traffic campaigns. In Todd's own words, "Damian's traffic methods have been the secret weapon behind the monster growth of our company over the past year."

Every other week Damian tells you exactly what to do drive more conversions, more sales, and more profits from your Facebook Advertising.

You'll see more profitable traffic with the same process we use to get hundreds of new customers every day.



Parris is universally regarded as one of greatest living copywriters. He’s a face on Brian Kurtz “Mount Rushmore of Copywriters” for the revenue generated at Boardroom. He also doesn’t teach anywhere... and rarely speaks publicly. In fact, being one of his “copy cubs” is really the only way to access any of his ideas. Lucky for us though, Parris will be sharing one of his best “behind closed door” secrets he’s only taught once on a private call with his elite copy cubs.


Selena is a publicity and marketing strategist that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and copywriters learn how to get featured in major publications like O, The Oprah Magazine, Forbes and Inc. Magazine.
This year, she’ll be going over all the ways you can increase your online presence by completely OWNING your preferred channel, then promoting the bageebuz out of yourself with class and professionalism. You’ll learn how to land interviews on popular podcasts, show up on social media, and get attention and respect for your specialty.


Internationally renowned entrepreneur, speakers, and author of books like Profit First, The Pumpkin Plan, and Clockwork – By his 35th birthday Mike Michalowicz had founded and sold two multi-million dollar companies. MIke will be teaching you the best tactics from his latest book, Get Different. He’ll show you how to market your business in a way that cuts through the noise and makes a deep connection with your best prospects – helping you build a loyal list of raving-fan subscribers to give you the ultimate leverage in your business. 


Laura is the co-creator of The Copy Cure (alongside Marie Forleo), a freelance copywriter and a copy coach who redefines what it means to connect with your reader. She is consistently out-converting marketers with bigger names and bigger lists in affiliate promos through her use of humor and wild storytelling. She’s back this year to talk about how to grow your email list, show up more confidently in your freelance career, create your own six-figure offers, and use social media to actually sell


Inventor of Email Mastery and co-host of I Love Marketing podcast, Dean is one of the most respected marketers in the world because his stuff works SO well... and does it while removing the pressure of “hard sales”. He’s back this year to continue the live case study we’ve been running together that’s been producing up to $40,000 per month with a very simple but specific single line of copy in an email. You can use this same technique to create simple but winning email campaigns for clients, and to land more deals with your own prospecting. 


Adrienne is the co-owner of Run Like Clockwork. She is known for her specialty of getting CEOs to take four weeks off their business — in a row. Adrienne has also worked with countless businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, to help streamline their systems, simplify their processes, and create strategic growth. Adrienne will give you proven strategies for buying back your time, increasing productivity, and setting firm “rules of engagement” with your clients.


David is an A-List Copywriter in the truest sense. He started at Ogilvy and Mather (when Ogilvy was still leading the troops), pioneered the “magalog” style of direct mail sales letters, and has written for or consulted just about every major player in the industry for over three decades. This year, he’ll be sharing his secrets on writing winning copy and the psychology behind his biggest controls.


Jessica is the host of the Pay Play Profit podcast and is Kevin’s very own personal finance and business growth coach. Jess and her team at The Bottom Line CPA will show you how to finally take control of your freelancer finances, and run your business as just that… a REAL business. She’ll show you the easy way to set up profit first and help you find better ways to charge your clients and plan your income (instead of just falling in love with some big, round numbers).


Ryan is one of the most influential entrepreneurs in our industry. He's a former high school gym teacher who started experimenting with online coaching and info-publishing in the early days of online direct response marketing, and has remained a major force in online education, community building, and now eComm with his Rewind brand of innovative nutrition supplements. Ryan is going to teach us about relaunching, reinventing, and rebranding our businesses without losing ourselves in the process.


Email copywriting is one of the most in-demand marketing skills out there today – and Chris Orzechowski is one of the best in the business. At this event, Chris will reveal the secret behind his transformation from “lone wolf” freelancer to 7-figure business owner, leading the future of email copywriting. Learn his “small list strategy” for building your own successful copywriting career – even if you’re just getting started. 


Cole is a true writer. He's released several books of poetry, his newsletters are revered across the industry, and his passion for the craft is evident in his ad copy. Even his product descriptions are bold, daring, and controversial. Yet, he has big companies granting him unfiltered creative license and handing him their entire branding plan. Cole is going to share how staying true to his lofty standard (this is a guy who is blatantly "chasing Hemingway" as a writer) has earned him a stellar reputation and a booked solid client roster of innovative companies who consider him not just a copywriter, but a trusted creative partner.


Copy Chief Live is the event the copywriting legends love to attend and get to know - and potentially work with - the new breed of copywriters. A-list copywriters Parris Lampropoulos, Marcella Allison, David Deutsch, Lorrie Morgan, and more regularly attend and will take your questions from stage, in our hands-on coaching sessions, and during our fun hang-out parties. 


We'll continue adding new speakers and updating the site as they are announced. Check back soon!
“It’s the best place on Earth for copywriting and marketing! 

I was so nervous about approaching the legends like John Carlton. But I got a chance to talk to him, and asked him, ‘Hey John, do you have any advice for a young pup copywriter?’ To which he replied, ‘Yep. Don't give up hope.’ It's one of my favorite memories. Thank you Kevin for this awesome experience!”

Arnold Flores,
Copywriter & Marketer
“It’s been amazing meeting these incredible writers…

… who’ve influenced
the lives of millions of people all over the world. It’s something I aspire to do. So to be sharing that space with those folks and people who are all at different levels in their career… has just been unbelievable.”

Addison Rice,
Freelance Copywriter

Attendees Get Unlimited Access To Our

 Virtual Job Fair!




And that’s only the deals we know were signed on-site or shortly after the event ended. It doesn’t account for the repeat deals, retainers, royalties, or referrals generated from that initial contact. 

Copy Chief Live has become the premier networking event in the industry. Major CMOs, CEOs, Business Owners, Publishers, Agencies and independent marketing companies come to this event eager to meet and hire quality copywriters of all experience levels. 

Have Damian Lanfranchi Optimize Your Facebook Advertising
Have all your Facebook Ads optimized for sales and profits.
Damian Lanfranchi, COO of MFA, oversees all of Todd's traffic campaigns. In Todd's own words, "Damian's traffic methods have been the secret weapon behind the monster growth of our company over the past year."

Every other week Damian tells you exactly what to do drive more conversions, more sales, and more profits from your Facebook Advertising.

You'll see more profitable traffic with the same process we use to get hundreds of new customers every day.

Helping You Put Your Best Foot Forward To Get Hired,
Get Paid, and Deliver Great Work

I’m determined to create connections that lead to
massive wins in your business.

This year, with the ease of attending virtually, even more companies are coming to meet copywriters. So, we’re going to coach this year's copywriter attendees on how to show up to these meetings and win the gigs. You could have the biggest names chasing after YOU.

To be clear, this is not a chance for you to “pitch a company on writing a test for them” – where your copy is unlikely to ever get implemented. These are high volume copy-centric companies READY TO HIRE more writers now!

Just like these past attendees!

I came to CCL2017 a rookie and broke... and I left still a rookie but with a contract!

Not only that, but there were lots of DR big shots attending the event. I met Parris Lampropoulos and we exchanged contact details, and... a couple weeks later... I'm on a phone call with Parris himself! He then spends ONE FULL HOUR going through my bullets. 

The feedback I got from that is priceless. I can't never be thankful enough to Kevin Rogers for allowing that to happen.

Tanja Pislar
This is the place I can count on to connect with the right people and the right gigs, and plenty of them. 

I met the people and the businesses who are now helping me become an even higher-level writer, and get to where I want to go. And if you're a business, this is the place you're going to find the best copywriters in the industry... the ones who have the integrity and the know-how, and who WANT to work hard.

Elin Marie





Click the button below to learn more about becoming a
“Here to Hire” Attendee at the event!

april dykman testimonial headshot
- Danny Iny
This is the only place I've found writers that consistently check both those boxes. Kevin does a great job of training copywriters to produce results, but also be responsive, take feedback well, and be team players. 
mike rinard testimonial headshot
Lori Haller
Designing Response, LLC
Huge thanks for helping me locate more hot talent for copy needs at my agency. There is no way I could've landed this perfect-fit writer for a mammoth project without your elite efforts.
chris orzechowski testimonial headshot
Robyn Jackson
Owner of Mindsteps Inc.
"This helped me get back to doing the work that I needed to do knowing that my copy needs were in good hands."
april dykman testimonial headshot
- Jesse Eker 
T. Harv Eker
I got 5 projects completed that would have taken me months to complete
mike rinard testimonial headshot
- Blair Morse, Copy Chief for Financial Publishing Company
I hired 6 great copywriters from Copy Chief Live. There’s time and space for you to interact with writers, but also to learn (I still look through my notes from the past few years). It’s focused, but relaxed. That gives you a chance to evaluate writers from a personality standpoint too.
chris orzechowski testimonial headshot
Joe Schriefer
Copy Chief of Agora Financia
We just hired a few more people from Copy Chief. Just wanted to say thanks again

At this event, you’ll get...




The Freelancers Journey is a simple 7-step roadmap to freelance success. It takes the guesswork out of how to build a freelance career by mapping out a proven path through The 7 Phases of Freelancing. 

During the event, our key speakers and expert freelance coaches will help you identify which phase you’re currently in, and how to quickly “phase forward” into the next phase. 
You’ll get the clarity you need to avoid getting distracted so you can stop “winging it” and focus on the crucial “right now” problems and move your business forward. At this event you’ll learn how to:
  • Identify and fix any gaps in knowledge so you can make consistent, measurable progress...
  • Eliminate distractions and choose the RIGHT tools you need to solve the challenges you're currently facing...
  • Pinpoint exactly what you need to do to move on to the next phase in your journey...
We’ve also planned dedicated “implementation time” where you’ll apply every skill you learn to your business right away – All with hands-on coaching from expert freelancers and marketers to help you put your new skills into practice. 

Bottom line – You’ll be leaving with a stronger business,
and more personal confidence than ever in your ability to take your
freelancing to the next level... 

“I got to meet the biggest names in the industry and actually speak with them 1-on-1!

And I love that there was no pitching at the event like some of those other ones where half the speakers are trying to sell you something. It was all information sharing and meeting wonderful new people.” 

Matt Mason,
Freelance Copywriter

“Kevin has created a space where you can fire up your entire creative being…

And make connections in new and different ways. I learned a lot from teaching as a speaker, but also as an artist and copywriter. Haven’t had this much fun since college!”

Marcella Allison,
A-List Copywriter

“You’re around all of the best people in the world and learning so much from them...

For me it’s a no brainer. I will always make time for this event — no matter when it’s happening!”

Allison Carpio,
Copy Coach





Get All-Access pass to everything the Copy Chief Community and Training Dashboard has to offer! Your Event ticket includes FREE all-access membership until November 30th, including: 

  • Unlimited access to the Copy Chief forums (including unlimited feedback on your work in the feedback forums)
  • Access to the industry’s #1 active job board – with dozens of clients looking for copywriters like you EVERY SINGLE MONTH. 
  • Access to over 40+ the core copy skills trainings, money-skill trainings, and our entire training library
  • ​Your personal training dashboard where you can track your learning and progress
  • ​Monthly live 'guest expert' trainings (like StoryMapping with Mike Rinard, The Advanced Copywriting Blueprint, and more)
  • ​Live copy critiques and coaching hotseats with me on our Chief Chat calls. Use these calls for solving marketing or copy problems you have.
  • ​And more!

(Already a member? Get a big discount OFF
your ticket price instead!)

april dykman testimonial headshot
- Brain McCarthy
“Copy Chief helps you get paid more, get awesome clients, and create a freelance biz that works for you long-term.”
mike rinard testimonial headshot
- Melanie Warren
“Copy Chief helped
me build a career from scratch, work with legends, and provide
for my family as a mother of 5."
chris orzechowski testimonial headshot
- Michael McGovern
“ I just closed on a monthly retainer copywriting deal via the Copy Chief job board!" 
chris orzechowski testimonial headshot
- Jay Jackson
“Copy Chief gave me the confidence and conviction that I can make this a life-long career.”



It’s hard taking notes when you’re having your mind blown one lightbulb moment after another. Don’t sweat it!

You’ll get the replay for all the amazing trainings and panel discussions at Copy Chief Live 2021, so you can refer back to them to keep upleveling your biz for years and years to come. 



For the first time EVER, we’re giving all 2021 event attendees access to the entire CCL Training Library – for life! These masterclass trainings and workshops have never before been released to the public, including:

How to Perform at an Elite Level by Identifying and Activating Your Alter Ego with Todd Herman
The Secrets of Copywriting Legends with John Carlton, Marcella Allison, David Deutsch, Parris Lampropoulos
How to Work Less, Make More, And Scale Your Business to 7 Figures with James Schramko
Establishing C.R.E.D. & Raising your Fees with Laura Belgray
High Converting Facebook Ad Funnels with Keith Krance
Streamlined Project Management with Abbey Woodcock


That’s three years worth of invaluable ideas available on-demand as you
improve your skills and grow your business. 

These bonuses alone are worth $6,298, and
you get them all with your ticket!

If my kids came to me tomorrow and
told me they wanted to become life-long entrepreneurs, and build a thriving
freelance business…

I would teach them exactly what you’ll learn over the course of this interactive
3-day event. 

This is a safe room to learn and discuss the realities of working as a freelancer, and our latest and best insights for how to have the career you want. 

Between my 3 private freelancer coaching programs and all we learn from placing writers with clients through the Copy Chief... plus private consulting with several of the world’s highest producing publishing agencies… 

I can humbly say me and my team understand the world of freelance copywriting better than anyone else. You’ll get the condensed teaching and most impactful insights from the entire year of our in-the-trenches knowledge. 

If you’re a freelancer or plan to make a living as a copywriter, then you DEFINITELY don’t want to miss this event.

I’ve helped thousands of freelancers build profitable and sustainable careers with their creative skills. Now we’re taking the best of everything we teach in our high-level coaching programs, and giving it to you with personal coaching to help you apply it to your business right away. 

If you show up big at this event, ready to be coachable and take action on what you learn – you’ll walk out with a complete action plan to skyrocket your business in 2022.  

I can’t wait to see you there.

Kevin Rogers and the Copy Chief Team
It’s the most advanced coaching program I offer, and I understand not everyone can afford the $20,000 annual investment. 

But I didn’t want this cost to stop anyone from having the coaching and resources they need to move all the way through The Freelancer’s Journey. 

That’s why I created the RFL Accelerator – to offer a unique opportunity to join an elite group of freelancers that get special access to personal coaching with me. 
Have Damian Lanfranchi Optimize Your Facebook Advertising
Have all your Facebook Ads optimized for sales and profits.
Damian Lanfranchi, COO of MFA, oversees all of Todd's traffic campaigns. In Todd's own words, "Damian's traffic methods have been the secret weapon behind the monster growth of our company over the past year."

Every other week Damian tells you exactly what to do drive more conversions, more sales, and more profits from your Facebook Advertising.

You'll see more profitable traffic with the same process we use to get hundreds of new customers every day.

Zachary Romero,

“This shaves off years of learning for anyone who’s been freelancing for ANY length of time...

When I first started writing, world-class copy seemed a bit elusive. But after attending Copy Chief Live, I got myself a system for working with clients in the most effective and efficient way!

Not to mention, I’ve been procrastinating making some career decisions for some time. But after this event, things got real clear — real fast.

I've spent large sums of money to be in rooms with ‘gurus’ to learn. From the small 20 person set to the large ‘circus tent’ shows. And what y'all did was truly world-class.

For that Kevin (and Copy Chief Crew), I am forever thankful to you all.”

The Freelancing Transformation Bootcamp



What qualifies you is not how long you’ve been practicing your craft, but rather your passion and dedication to becoming great at what you do. 

If you feel it is your calling to become a great copywriter or marketer, then you’re qualified.

If you’ve been at this for years and are ready to take your writing and your business to the next level, this is definitely for you.


If you write your own copy, you will leave this event with the most actionable tactics imaginable. I’m working with each expert speaker to not only teach you what they do, but to show you how it looks when done right. 

If you're looking to partner with the best copywriters in the business to take these “closed door” tactics and infuse them into your current campaigns, then you’ll be in the only place on earth to find them this year.


Even if you’re not looking to hire, the information and connections you make at this event will help you get the ultimate clarity on the exact types of offers you should be creating for your audience. You’ll learn from the top marketers in the world how to grow that audience, in both size and loyalty. 

Plus – mix with the best writers, marketers and even tech pros producing the highest revenue sales funnels in the industry right now to get the support you need to take your business to the next level.


This is THE premier event to connect with top level direct response copywriters and marketers. You'll shake hands with a range of copywriters of all experience levels, skill sets, and niches. 

Plus, if you are interested in becoming a Premier “Here to Hire” client, we’ll personally help match you with “best fit” copywriters who are actively looking to do great work for your company. Some of the industry’s biggest breakout stars came from these meetings at Copy Chief Live. 



T​​he Copy Chief motto is “Nobody Writes Alone”.

After all, we are in the relationship business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a freelancer or a business owner or a marketer...

If you want to thrive (let alone survive), you need to surround yourself not only with people who get you and the valuable work you do…

… but also with people who you can count to be there for you as life-long friends and allies.

That’s why this event is all about building lasting connections.

Because the rest of the world might not understand you and your vision for what you want your life to be.

But this is the place where you’ll find hundreds of people waiting to meet you, and ready to help you make your dreams a reality.

By the end of it, you’ll have plenty of new friendships, new memories, new clients, and new opportunities on what to do with your career… and the rest of your life.




As a comic, I spent a decade traveling the U.S. playing clubs as a stand-up comic with now-famous comics like Chris Rock, Louis CK, and Billy Gardell.

After a decade performing comedy, I retired from the road committed fully to my new professional passion - direct response sales copywriting. 

After more than 10 years as a freelance copywriter, I’ve written or chiefed over 100 campaigns, generating over $100 million in product sales for my clients. Now my mission is to help as many creative marketers as possible learn how to become lifelong entrepreneurs by building profitable and sustainable businesses with their creative skills.

This event is the culmination of everything I’ve learned over my lifelong career.I’m most passionate about connecting good people who do great work together which is why I'm so proud of how this event better connects high quality copywriters with high value clients and sets them up to produce high earning campaigns together.

Will you join us? 



 If you know you’re definitely joining us, do yourself a favor:

Grab your ticket right now and save some money –
Because prices will go up as we get closer to the event. 

IS HAPPENING ON NOV 9, 10 & 11 2021

  • Live access to all 3 days of keynotes and panel discussions
  • Personal coaching and training from our speakers and expert freelance coaches 
  • Access to the Virtual Job Fair, client connection meetups, and all client roundtables (w/ coaching on how to show your best work)
  • ​Lifetime access to all of the CCL 2021 recordings 
  • ​Lifetime access to the entire CCL Training Library (never released publicly before!)
  • ​All-access Copy Chief Membership Trial membership until November 30th, 2021 - including the copywriting feedback forums and active job boards!
  • ​High-level hangouts with top copywriters, marketers, business owners and publishers
  • ​Access to the live virtual party on Day 3
  • ​And more!
Grow Your Skills & Motivation
In The Private A&M Community
Get input, guidance, motivation, and insights from hundreds of top marketers from around the world!
Anytime you have a question, want input, want feedback, or just want to schmooze with other sharp marketers, you can open Slack on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device and have at it.
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You have your pick of all of Todd's previously published programs, as well as all the new courses and trainings he publishes. *This, unfortunately, does not include any of our co-created programs.


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What is the event schedule like?

We’ll release a full itinerary to attendees as we get closer to the live event, but you can expect to kick things off 10am Eastern Time. 

We’ll have content sessions throughout the day until around 4:00pm ET – and wrap up after that with a different event each day 

(Virtual Job Fair, Live Mastermind Coaching Sessions, and an amazing party!) 

We'll schedule regular breaks between talks so you can get up and stretch your legs, connect with other attendees, and take bathroom breaks.

Will there be implementation time built into the day?

Yes! This is not going to be 3 days of people talking “at you.” 

We’ll show you exactly what will move the needle on your business, teach you how to do it, and then help you apply it to your business right way. 

You’ll be building real assets for your business in real time at this event – all with the help of expert coaches to help you move past sticking points quickly. This is big plan action AND immediate action. You’ll not only leave this event more confident on how you can completely kick ass in your business next year…

But with the right things in place to help you do it quickly and smoothly. 

How do the virtual job fair and client meetups work? 

We’ll be interviewing all the clients in the weeks leading up to Copy Chief Live, and posting those videos inside your Copy Chief event “club”

You’ll be able to see what they’re looking for in their dream copywriter, and get all the details on how to throw your hat in the ring. 

Then, on the day of the Virtual Job Fair, you’ll connect directly with the clients you want to meet most – introducing yourself and your work, and exploring whether or not you’re a good fit to work together. 

Right out of the gate on the first day you’ll meet clients who are EAGER to meet and hire copywriters at this event. 

Can I buy a ticket to just one of the event days?

Single day tickets are not available. Plan to be here for all 3 days of the conference so you don’t miss anything. If you cannot attend any session live, no worries, recordings are included and will be available to you soon after the event. 

Do you have a ticket payment plan?

We don't offer payment plans for live events. The only way to attend is by purchasing your ticket in full.

What is the refund policy?

Since we’ll provide lifetime access to all the content from the event, there are no refunds on ticket purchases. 

Can you elaborate further on what you mean by “no pitch” event?

Most marketing events turn into a "pitch fest" where half the speakers are just there to sell you their stuff.

At Copy Chief Live, there's NO pitching from the speakers.

From the stage, you’ll be getting insider secrets from some of the smartest, most successful copywriters and marketers out there… including tactics you’ll be able to apply in your business right away to get results.

Every single speaker is someone I've either worked with, learned from, or mentored under... and I can tell you right now, their stuff works because I use it in my own business every day.

If you’re not a member of Copy Chief you will be offered an invitation to join at a special rate.

What if I’ve got more questions?

We're more than happy to help you.

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Copyright © 2021
All rights reserved